Pure FIT is a 100% Human Powered Fitness Studio. We Burn Calories, Not Electricity. Your Body is Your Machine. 


We are proud to be the ONLY Eco Friendly Fitness Studio in Massachusetts offering the most innovative and effective array of fitness classes to get you YOUR BEST results!

Located in the heart of Reading, Pure FIT offers small class sizes with an infectious and positive environment where you become part of a family.

We offer an array of classes from Intense to Zen and have everything you need to reach your goals all while we.....

Burn. Conserve. Sweat



"When creating Pure FIT, my vision was to combine the three things I enjoy most; nature, working out and the peace of a spa. My goal was to create an escape that will redefine the way you feel about working out and living a healthy lifestyle."   -Catarina Cipriani Owner/Creator

We would like your experience to be nothing but Pure.  

About our Green Studios..

Large Main Studio
Our Main Group Exercise Studio with all LED lighting boasts Bamboo flooring, one of the most sustainable flooring products. After being cut, Bamboo regrows into mature fiber in three and a half to seven years.
Our fitness equipment was purchased with our earth in mind.  Our weights are made of recycled metal.  For our Boxing Classes we have acquired state of the art water and air filled eco friendly bags, so no we don't pound sand.  Most of our other equipment such as stability balls, mats and jump ropes are from Natural Fitness®, a zero impact program that aims to offset the environmental impact of the production of their products, and plants a tree for EVERY product purchased. Pure FIT is happy to say that with all the fitness equipment purchased we sure did plant a lot of trees. 
Hot Yoga Studio
We have installed a state of the art infrared heated ceiling panel system that actually heats the occupants and objects in the room first, rather than the air. This uses far less energy and helps promote a healthier, cleaner environment.  Our heaters are silent and DO NOT stir dust, germs or emit odor and no usable space is taken up. 
Just what is Infrared Heat?
Infrared or radiant heating is simply the transfer of heat from a warm object to a colder object. The heat is a product of a completely safe spectrum of light that is visible to our eyes. Just as the sun has been heating people here on earth for thousands of years, these radiant heat panels radiate sun like warmth so they heat the objects in the room and not the air.
 Our indoor cycling studio is an expansion of our ECO-FRIENDLY Footprint. Our Bikes are designed by the world famous Tony Hawk and require no power to operate (WELL OF COURSE HUMAN POWER) and is part of a family of products dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint.  Because they are incredibly durable and 99% recyclable, they will NEVER end up in the landfill. After all this is our sole mission...

Our Classes

At Pure FIT, you'll never get bored.  We've got it all under one roof; Strength training, Cardio packed,Tabata, HIIT, Hot Yoga,Cycling, Boxing, and now offering XFIT a Results Guaranteed program of classes!


Our Classes are inclusive and adaptive.  Each workout is designed to be universal and equally effective regardless of gender, fitness level or experience.  Our team of instructors expertly modify exercises, scale weight loads and demonstrate alternative moves that vary in intensity, providing everyone a challenging yet attainable experience.

All workouts are well informed and deliberately crafted sequences of highly effective exercises that require maximum effort in exchange for noticeable results.  So while our doors are open to everyone, we invite only those willing to leave it all on the mat. 


No one likes rules, but we all need a set of guidelines to keep things running smoothly. We’ll keep it simple.


Be sure to click on the Policies and Etiquette tab at the bottom of the page to review.  


Try us..you'll be hooked.

Studio Classes


Pure Burn

Pure Bootcamp

Pure Burn Express

Pure Burn/Sweat Combo

TRX® and Core

Pure BOX

Pure Burn

Pure Box & Burn



Pure Hot Yoga by Candlelight 95

For Kids

Pure FIT KIDS Cycle Strength Stretch


Pure Health & Fitness Corporate


Training Classes

Single/Drop In


Expires 30 Days

Burn Package 5 Classes


Expires 60 Days

Conserve Package 10 Classes


Expires 90 Days

Sweat Package 15 Classes


Expires 6 Months

Unlimited Classes

New Member SPECIAL Unlimited Classes Monthly


This offer is exclusive to NEW MEMBERS ONLY or if you have not been to the studio in 6 months! 

Monthly Unlimited Classes


6 Month Contract Auto Renew Monthly

Monthly Unlimited Classes (Spouse)


No Contract No Commitment  (just give us 30 days notice)

Private Training

Small Group Training (3 or more people


Per Person/Per Session 

Buddy Training (2 People)


Per Person/Session (min 5 Session purchase)

Private Training 10 Sessions


Pre-Payment required.  Expires 1 Year

Private Training 5 Sessions


Pre-payment required. Expires 6 Months

Private or Semi Private Hot Yoga Training


Private Training Workout/Nutrition Plan


8-12 Week DIY Plan Includes Instructional

Private Training Single Session


Expires 30 Days 

If no Package is purchased ahead of time for training. The Single Session will be applied. 

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